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Your Killer Keynote

Workshop 1 – 3 hrs Designed for entrepreneurs and individuals within organizations to develop their impactful and authentic message, build stories that sell and content that connects. Discover how content, structure and delivery are the three pillars of a great keynote. Learn how to deliver a speech  inspires action. In this hands on workshop, participants develop the outline for a killer keynote and discover where to find content and how to structure it for the greatest impact possible.

From Campfire to Boardroom: Using Stories to Connect

Workshop 1 – 3 hrs Nothing is more powerful to our mind than a well recounted story with all its drama, conflict, climax, and concluding message. We remember and describe almost everything that happens and that we witness in our lives in terms of stories. Our lives and experiences are stories, they are at the heart of everything. In this workshop attendees learn how to master the art of storytelling. Using a formula, learn how stories create emotional impact which is at the heart of trust. Stories allow us to convey our messages in compelling and captivating ways.


Presenting for Impact

1 – 3 hrs Having a great speech is only one part of the equation. Equally important is how your content and your message are delivered. A dynamic delivery is like the sizzle in your steak, it is what makes it memorable. In this workshop participants learn tons of tips, tools and techniques so that they can present and create impact.